We provide palliative care as home care service when a loved one is having a life limiting or incurable disease. This is often a very difficult time for a family, friends and neighbour with little or no experience to deal with the situation. It is a service that is provided at home professionally, compassionately and patiently to ease the burden and comfort during this period. We liaise and work with appropriate medical teams and NHS, Doctor’s and Social Services to ensure your loved one is comfortable at home. In addition, we accommodate your loved one’s wishes, safety, physical and mental health needs.

Our commitment to you is to be unobtrusive, sensitive and respect your wishes during this difficult time. One of the most important factors to consider when it comes to a loved one’s end of life is to ensure that your loved one is living a comfortable life during the final days or months of their life. Also, we work closely with social services, doctors and other medical teams to offer end of life care. We will help and support you with all types of end-of-life symptoms management, oral care, mindfulness and relaxation, loss, grief and bereavement advice.