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Our Services

Favour Care provides a wide range of home care and specialist care services that are tailored to the needs of each service user among which include private home care services and other health care institutions. We offer home care services to young people, elderly, people with disabilities from private individuals to Clinical Groups, Local Authorities, private individuals, NHS Hospitals, Care homes and also individuals living in supported living.

Furthermore, our home care services are unique and we support vulnerable adults with their financial matters representing them fully at Local Authority, Hospitals, Doctor’s Surgery, Social Services, NHS Clinical Groups and Post offices.

As a home care service provider, we are able to assist and support our service users with a wide range of different daily household tasks like personal care that involves home bathing, getting dressed, putting you to bed or even remembering you about your medication, cooking, laundry, cleaning, shopping, transport to and from hospital or doctor’s appointments.

What People Say


I cannot thank you enough for your understanding and support through some difficult times. I would highly recommend your company to anyone. Your company has made our life easier. Many thanks

Katie Elliott

Katie Elliott

57 years

I have had several visits from home care providers and was really impressed with the detailed wide range of services Favour Care Team has offered me. They have highly trained and qualified Care Team that are knowledgeable and experienced too.

Renee Sherman

Renee Sherman

60 years

They have professional Carers and good Care Team that are passionate and caring that have supported me to improve many aspects of my life such as social, companionship, daily home tasks and many more. The Carers work very hard to ensure they meet my desired needs. Thank you.

Jay Lian

Jay Lian

67 years